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Get a Good look and know for sure.

The only way to know for sure how your hives are doing is to get a good look at the brood pattern and see the eggs and larvae. 

It was a struggle for me to see between the mesh on my veil and I would miss seeing eggs sometimes. So I decided since I will not remove my veil in the bee yard I needed to remove only the mesh. 

The Easy See does that, and replaces it with a 5 x 7 clear window that is fastened together with 10 metal screws, now I can see clearly into the hives without allowing curious bees to get too close.

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The Easy See, once installed will remove the mesh from your beekeeping veil, and allow you to see in your hive and let you rest assured your hive is doing well or let you know you need to take some action to remedy a problem.

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Installation instructions are easy to follow, and included in your kit.

When positioning your new viewing window, it is suggested to place it higher than you think, as our veils always drift lower when you are working, than when you are looking forward.

Also when you receive your Easy See, mark the post on the inside frame with a sharpie pen to be able to see them easier when placing the outside frame. 

When cleaning the viewing window please use only water and mild soap, any alcohol or ammonia may damage the window. 

If you have any other questions please contact us by any of the addresses below.

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